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Raise your Profile in the Industry


The prestigious annual Design Excellence Awards (DEA) Singapore, organised by the Interior Design Confederation Singapore (IDCS), returns for its third run this year.  We would like to invite you and your firm to take part in the industry division, also known as I-DEA (Interior Design Excellence Awards).

IDCS places a strong emphasis on the development of the interior design industry and its talent pool in order to advance the professionalism and the skills of the interior design industry.  It also aims to raise the profile of interior designers and firms in order to develop a deeper public appreciation for spatial aesthetics.

IDCS fervently believes that industry talents should be honed and is thus committed to provide a platform for them to shine.  Hence, we urge all Asia Pacific spatial designers to take part in I-DEA which will give them just such a platform to gain experience and recognition from the industry and internationally.   I-DEA is opened to all interior designers who are based in Asia Pacific.  Firms who wish to take part may submit entries under individual designers who are working in the firm, or as a company.


Past Winning Entry


This year, to streamline the participation and judging process, all entries will be submitted via a specially-developed online portal.  There will be 8 Asia Pacifc categories and 17 local categories.

Categories Include:

  • Retail Design: shops, retail outlets, showrooms, department stores, food markets, shopping centers and hairdressers.
  • Hospitality Design Under Rooms, 200 rooms and over 200 rooms
  • Hospitality Suite Design, Lobby / Lounge Design: hotels, serviced apartments
  • Leisure Design: day spas, swimming pools, casinos, cinemas, fitness centres, etc.
  • F&B Design: cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs
  • Workplace Design: offices, studios 
  • Public Design: such as galleries, places of worship, educational institutions etc, 
  • Installation Design: such as exhibitions, promotional displays etc
  • Residential Design, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, and Home Cinema Design: apartments, private houses


All entry projects must have been designed and completed between 1 July 2013– 2 September 201   Entries submission will close on 2 September 201, 23 hours.  Each submission will cost SGD 29, payable via Paypal on the portal.  The Design Excellence Award will be held on 21 October 201, at the Singapore Repertory Theatre.  All shortlisted finalists will be invited to attend the award ceremony.

There will be three winners per category: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  All winners will receive an award certificate and Gold award winners will also receive a trophy.  Participants and winners will be profiled on the IDCS and DEA websites and social media sites, as well as by media who will be informed of the DEA.

To raise the bar for the DEA 201, IDCS will be inviting Asia Pacific judges to be part of the awards this year.  IDCS has also engaged the services of a Public Relations agency to raise the profile of the DEA through media outreach.

If you have any queries, please contact, mobile +6 938 0806. Or visit for more information.

We look forward to your participation!







IDCS is officially supported by:

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Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance and

International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers.